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The School-Based Decision Making Council model promotes shared leadership among the people working most closely with our students: the school's administrators, teachers, and parents. A council's main responsibility is to foster student achievement, which should be echoed in every decision and policy. 

As the governing body for a school, the SBDM council decides on the curriculum, staffing, discipline, scheduling, teaching practices, extra-curricular activities, and other matters of the school's operation. To enhance student achievement and help the school reach its accountability goals, councils should:  

  • Decide targets for closing achievement gaps;

  • Determine the professional learning plan for the school's staff;

  • Meet monthly and comply with the Open Meetings and Open Records Act;

  • Consult on staff vacancies (principal, classified, and certified positions); and

  • Write and review the school policies. 


2024-2025 SBDM Members

Teacher Representatives: 
Dustin Lueker
Ginny Muse
Krista Reeves
Parent Representatives: 
Chandre Bourne
Chip Manley